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Daily Telegraph Story

You will see Greg Van Borssum on screen in Mad Max 4: Fury Road in two featured roles, but it was behind the scenes that the Killcare resident was a real dynamo.

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WTOK television spot – Meridon USA

Kevin Hines and Greg Van Borssum were the guest speakers. Hines survived a suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge

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Toastmaster magazine

On Greg Van Borssum's website is his personal motto: "It's the work we put in when no one is watching that makes the difference.

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SSAA World Championship win

SSAA's target shooting duo Craig Ginger and Greg Van Borssum stamped their mark all over the 2014 international handgun shooting scene..

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Manly Movie

Greg Van Borssum, the fight choreographer and weapons adviser on 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road has been talking about the movie recently,

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The warrior's way to success

When it comes to taking control of our careers and pursuing our dreams, we can either be our own worst enemies or our greatest allies.

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How A Failed School Kid Became A Champion

I met the great GVB, (Only his mom calls him Greg Van Borssum & that’s when he’s in trouble) at the Mates in construction

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PODCAST - just doing it

He takes us on a journey, sharing some painful memories, that have shaped him into becoming the power house he is today.

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ABC Radio Interview

Listen here to Scott speaking with Killcare's Greg Van Borssum who worked on 'MAD MAX FURY ROAD'.

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Toastmaster podcast – Greg Van Borssum, Life: A real action movie

Greg speaks with Greg Van Borssum, filmmaker, inspirational speaker, former bodybuilding..

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Get Social Health podcast USA

In March of 2016, I had the opportunity to serve as a Social Media Ambassador for the National Council on Behavioral..

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Podbean USA

Podcast or Speakcast designed for Toastmasters or those who want to improve their Public Speaking & Leadership Skills

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You are awaited podcast

You Are Awaited: A MAD MAX FURY ROAD podcast - Special Guest Episode with Fury Road's own Greg Van Borssum!

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What's it like to choreograph Mad Max?

Director and stunt coordinator Greg Van Borssum chats with Jono Coleman about Happy Feet, George Millar, Mad Max and heap more.

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